Ikat Indonesia is a concept that aims to bring the nation’s cultural heritage to the surface through modern fashion. Simplicity and minimalism is the style applied on the first launched collection. Having the dream to penetrate international market in the long term and introduce national culture to the nation, Ikat Indonesia commit and responsible as a part of this wondrous archipelago comprises a variety of culture, ethnicities, as well as traditional crafts.

Ikat Indonesia is a concept and a mindset. It represents the tenun ikat fabric used as the main materials and has a much deeper meaning. Ikat which is to tie (= “ikat”) is the commitment to bring the beloved Indonesia’s cultural richness. This idealism is being translated into this fashion line, which is in line and relevant with the market. This is done as a way to make the tenun ikatfabric more widely and easily accepted by the world.

The journey for tenun ikat becomes a chain of cultural heritage richness of this nation which can never be finished to be shared through a book. The long process of making it keeps a million of stories on this nation’s beauty and romanticism. The love story about this nation is going to be spread across, from Sabang to Merauke.

We wish you a pleasant time in rediscovering and appreciating the beauty of our tradition and going through the new era to see our cultural richness…one Indonesia.

With love,

IKAT Indonesia